Planner Calendar 2017-18

Last year I created quite and elaborate set of calendar pages for my Arc planner. I was really pleased with how they turned out and thought they looked really nice.

And then I didn’t really use them. There was much more space than I ever really needed, and having multiple levels of pages (monthly and weekly views) meant I never really knew where to put anything. I really want to be the type of teacher to make constant use of my planner. I’m hoping that I’ve found a layout that actually suits the way I approach my planning.

I like having a broad view of a lot of days, but a monthly page doesn’t really help. Because the cycles of school don’t really occur in months, they occur in weeks. But one week to a page doesn’t show enough in my personal opinion. So I created a design that shows three weeks to a page.

I usually create this sort of thing in Publisher or Word, but this one is Excel, using formulas to set all the dates.

Download: calendar2017.xlsx

All the values reference the date in cell A2. If you want to change the starting point of the calendar, change that value (type the full date, not just the day). If you want, say, two weeks to a page, make the columns wider. The font is Wellfleet, but feel free to change that if you want.

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