Parent Functions Posters

Update (Sept 2018): I added absolute value to these at the start of the last school year, but then apparently forgot all about it. Thanks to Amanda Stradel for calling this to my attention! Downloads are here.

New posters today for Algebra 2: Parent Functions!

I actually put these up a couple of weeks ago, but unfortunately didn’t have any photos of them. Then the floors of the school hallways got waxed and we weren’t allowed in. Until today!

Here’s them next to my Geometry Symbols Posters.

Original Downloads:

Get the updated files with absolute value here.

Font is Wellfleet, which is quickly becoming one of my favorites.

9 Replies to “Parent Functions Posters”

  1. I see on your classroom post that you also have an absolute value parent function. Is there anyway I could get a copy of that one as well? Thanks for all your hard work and great ideas.

      1. Hi Shaun. I just tried to access the updated link, but it only takes me to an empty Dropbox file. Could you check the link? My Algebra 2 students are working on parent functions right now, and I’m sure these posters will be very helpful. Thanks!

  2. When I click on the updated file, it says the file is empty. I’m also just looking for the absolute value function. Any chance you could re-upload it? I really appreciate how neat your graphs always look! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Whenever I click the link it takes me to an empty dropbox…not sure if I am missing something…really like your posters and would like to use in my classroom this year.

    1. Not sure what the issue is, it seems to be working fine for me. Maybe try again and let me know if it’s still a problem.

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