Life update!

Four. Months. That’s how long it’s been since my last blog post here.

Although, I think I’ve had a bit of an excuse. Things have been rather crazy for me lately. I’m as guilty as anyone of saying “things have been crazy” when I really mean “things have been the normal amount of excessively busy which comes with being a teacher”. But these are pretty exceptional circumstances I’ve been in lately.

So ever since Sarah and I announced our engagement, there’s been a little of this going around:

Well, the answer is…

pause for effect

I am moving to the US (Drumright, OK specifically) in a few short weeks. Sarah and I are getting married shortly after that. Moving to the other side of the world was never on the list of things I planned to do with my life, but it’s funny how quickly plans can change when you meet the most amazing person in the world.

After six years, I have left my job as a maths teacher at Kaniva College and moved out of my house in Kaniva. I still intend to teach (eventually, when all the paperwork’s done) once I move. I guess I have to get used to being a math teacher now.

Leaving my house for the last time.

I know this might sound nuts when I haven’t blogged at all in four months, but I’ve started a new blog. I’m still going to be using this one to write about lessons ideas, reflections and anything else math and teaching related. But I want to be able to share about my move as well.

Dropping the S is where you want to head to for that. I’m not entirely sure what it’ll involve. My main intention is to share my life with my family and friends in Australia, but even if that’s not you, feel free to follow along with this new step in my life.

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