VCE IT Problem Solving Methodology Posters

Warning for maths people, you may want to ignore this post. 😉


While maths will always be my first teaching love, I do teach a few ICT classes, including VCE Information Technology. A requirement of the subject is that all our work is based around a process called the ‘Problem Solving Methodology’. This consists of four stages: Analysis, Design, Development and Evaluation.

I recently made some posters explaining the four stages of the VCE IT Problem Solving Methodology. These probably aren’t very useful to many people (you’d have to be a teacher or student of IT in Victoria), but I thought I’d post them anyway. There’s nothing new here, this is all from the VCE IT Study Design, though I have reworded a lot of it so it makes more sense to students.

Note that with the new Study Design coming in next year, these are really only good for 2015. But I’m pretty sure the only thing that needs to change is the renaming of the subject to ‘VCE Computing’.

Downloads are below.






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